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Wedding Dresses: Styles of 2017

Far from being a "flat" world, the nuptial fashion offers a great diversity of styles and models. What delights all types of brides who look for the ideal outfit.

The romantic style

Easily remarkable for its soft fabrics, its embroidery and lace as well as its transparency sets made of fluid fabrics like tulle.

The "glitter" style

The brilliant is the main trait of this look. If what you are looking for is literally "shine" on your wedding day, this style is for you. Dresses simple in appearance, but in fact have multiple details that make them special. A perfect choice for a chic and sophisticated bride.

The boho style

Purity and simplicity, comfort and authenticity are the key words of the boho style. It goes along with the unavoidable flowers and other rustic tone elements of decoration during your D-day.

The rock style

Ideal to feel 100% comfortable. The success of your rock look is based on the combination of 2 key ingredients: elements belonging to the traditional bride (a voluminous skirt in tulle), and an informal and sassy touch (a perfecto, a studded belt, etc.). The perfect contrast for a falsely wise look. The boots will replace the classic wedding shoes.

The minimal style

Based on the combination of total simplicity, very fluid fabrics, without ornaments and highlighting the feminine forms. A perfect choice for civil weddings.

So, what is your dream dress style for your special wedding day? Share and let us know.

Translated from Zankyou.fr. See original text here in french (by Isabelle Klein)!