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My name Nouar means light & Bellil means beautiful island. And I am an eclectic photographer & filmmaker.
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As part of my job, it is for sure a great opportunity to explore different cultures and countries. But it is incredibly inspiring to do it being a destination wedding photographer. I love travelling and can follow you to cover all kind of private events from small ceremonies to prestigious celebrations, in Paris, Dubai, Morocco, Mallorca, Côte d'azur, Greece, Italy... in any place on earth, actually! Don't hesitate to let me know about your plans.
Currently booking dates for Q4 2017 & 2018. Please inquire below for availabilities and rate sheet. I'll get back to you shortly!

You may want to leave some appreciations or whatever comes up in your mind. Feel free to ask what you want in the language of your choice: I do speak French, English, German, Arabic and Berber.

You might use this contact form below or drop me an email following this link.

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